Modesta Real Estate mediates 800 sqm office to Moody's

1040 Vienna - Modesta Real Estate was commissioned by Moody's Rating Agency with the search for a new office space. The company's requirements were met with an 800 sqm high-tech office in Florgasse.

Thanks to its modern design, the new Moody's Rating Agency location offers the ideal opportunity to implement an office concept in line with the tenants' wishes and requirements. Thanks to the flexible space configuration options, the desired open-space concept for Moody's could also be integrated. In addition, the eye-catching multi-tenant office building is located in a highly accessible location in the immediate vicinity of Karlsplatz and Vienna's city center.

"The office building at Floragasse offers modern facilities and allows the realization of a state-of-the-art open space concept. I am very happy that we were able to fully meet the needs and requirements of Moody's with this lease and would like to wish the company all the best and great success at its new location," says Andreas Polak-Evans (Managing Partner at Modesta Real Estate).

About Moody’s 

Moody's is a global integrated risk assessment company that empowers organizations to make better decisions. The data, analytical solutions and insights it provides help decision makers identify opportunities and manage the risks of doing business. With over 14,000 employees in more than 40 countries, Moody's combines global presence with local expertise and over a century of experience in the financial markets.

Modesta Real Estate mediates 800 sqm office to Moody's