Modesta Real Estate provides insights into the world of commercial real estate at FH Wr. Neustadt

Ing. Chiara Mai, M.A., Director Modesta Real Estate took an excursion into the world of commercial real estate with the students of the Bachelor program “Real Estate Management” as part of a guest lecture.

After graduating from HTL, Chiara Mai completed her Bachelor's degree (Real Estate Management & Finance) as well as her Master's degree (Real Estate Management & Business Management) at the University of Applied Sciences in Wr. Neustadt and has been working for Modesta Real Estate as a commercial real estate agent since 2016. 

In June 2021, as part of the lecture "Fundamentals of Real Estate Law II,” she spoke to the students of the Bachelor's program "Real Estate Management" about the significant differences of real estate consulting in the B2C vs. the B2B sector. Due to the current restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic in the academic sector, the lecture was held virtually. In addition to the various asset classes in the commercial real estate sector, the differences in consulting services between sales and leasing and real estate brokerage in practical terms, an actual business case from Modesta Real Estate's everyday work was also discussed based on the example of the project Flexiparks Vienna North. 

In addition to the theoretical input, the students also had the opportunity to get some tips and advice from Ms. Mai regarding searching for a suitable internship and the successful completion of their studies from FH Wr. Neustadt.

"I would like to thank FH Wr. Neustadt for giving me the opportunity to talk about my professional passion at my former university. At the same time, I would also like to express a big thank you to the students who showed so much interest and were very open to the topic. Especially their feedback made the lecture so instructive and exciting," says Chiara Mai, M.A., about her virtual visit at FH Wr. Neustadt. 

Modesta Real Estate provides insights into the world of commercial real estate at FH Wr. Neustadt