Modesta Real Estate brings Stefanie Behrendt on board as Senior Director

Vienna - Modesta Real Estate is starting the new year with an expansion of management and welcomes ESG expert Stefanie Behrendt to the team as Senior Director.

Ecological and social corporate responsibility increasingly move to the fore in the builtworld. At the same time, digitization and urbanisation are leading to a change in the real estate industry, which requires a progressive and innovative economic attitude from all stakeholders. Modesta Real Estate is therefore taking a conscious step towards a sustainable future and is bringing the zero waste expert, blockchain enthusiast and licensed real estate trustee Stefanie Behrendt on board as Senior Director. 

As a future-oriented company, Modesta Real Estate focuses its consulting services around environmental issues and also includes social criteria in the real estate industry in all business activities. This includes relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and communities across the entire business. A cooperative management style and compliance with internal quality standards are to be integrated into the company in an even more targeted and systematic manner in the future. 

This is exactly where Stefanie Behrendt will play a leading role in the future. Thanks to her experience in the field of ESG (Economic, Social, Governance), she will create a link between social responsibility and the core business of Modesta Real Estate, in the spirit of holistic and shared value creation. With her expertise in the field of blockchain , she will also focus on the digital revolution in the real estate industry. She will be supported by her colleagues Bianca Isak, M.A. (Marketing & Communications) and Antonia Vrcic, B.A. (Associate Office Agency), who have already focused on ESG and blockchain as part of their respective academic careers.

The entire Modesta Real Estate team is looking forward to a good, exciting and, above all, trend-setting cooperation. 


About Stefanie Behrendt

Stefanie Behrendt is a professional in the real estate industry with over 10 years of professional experience in real estate management. During her studies she worked as a commercial real estate consultant. At the age of 25, Stefanie managed the real estate department of an NPO consisting of 30 properties, a vehicle fleet and insurance for over 500 employees. In 2016, after implementing a change management model, she left her job as a project manager and travelled to Asia, paving the way for a major personal transformation. Today she organizes yoga retreats around the world and is the CEO and co-founder of wegozero, a zero-waste consultancy based in Amsterdam. 



• Board Member FIBREE 

• Mentor women on top 



• 2013 - Bachelor of Arts in Real Estate Management (focus: organic architecture/ conversion of industrial buildings) 

• 2013 - Vienna University of Applied Sciences, licensed real estate agent, facility manager 2017 - Bauakademie, specialist for building security 

• 2019 - Austrian Chamber of Commerce, licensed property developer & real estate trustee 2020 University of Salzburg, Blockchain & Smart Contracts, Ditact Women's IT studies 

• 2021 - Inside the Circular Economy - Ellen MacArthur Foundation 

• 2021 - Mentoring of a master student on Blockchain & Real Estate 

Modesta Real Estate brings Stefanie Behrendt on board as Senior Director